Books Giveaway

Well good day, fine folks!

It feels weird but comforting to be writing here in the blog again. I tend to have other outlets these days – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…with videos, content, etc. So being here is like slipping on comfortable shoes!

But I felt compelled to involve my old posse here.

Not sure how many have continued to follow Message In A Bottle – I am sure the blogosphere has changed quite a bit since I was more active in the day! And that’s great – we all shift, grow, stretch…and move on. And in that place are others who are finding their voice, possibly for the first time.

So if that is you, and you happen to read this – welcome! And let that voice grow and sing!

Now I am doing a giveaway – my book, Longing For The Spirit and also a copy of Bob Proctor’s “The ABC’s of success”.

See? I ain’t foolin’

It’s the holiday season, so I am feeling…festive and “giveaway-ish”.

So sue me…hashtag whatevs.

ANYWAYS…here’s the dealio:

I am going to give these two books to TWO different people.

All you have to do is sign up to the draw. That’s it.

Go HERE and when you sign up, you are also joining the community and be really cool and such.

I am drawing for the books tomorrow (Wednesday at 3 pm EST or so) and will immediately head over to the post office and send the winners out their Christmas Booty (sounds dirty but it isn’t…get you mind out of the gutter, Karen)

Longing For The Spirit is about recovery through the eyes of spirituality (or vice-versa) – humourous, transparent, unflinching, but kind.

The ABCs of Success is a treasure trove of golden nuggets on topics such as opportunity, growth, law of attraction, persistence, effectiveness, goals, etc. All the great mind-spirit stuff.

And I want to send them to you.

So sign up, and put that intention out into the universe…and let’s give ‘er 110%, ya know?

Blessings to you all!



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