Coronavirus and Sobriety


The Coronavirus situation has a lot of people sitting in fear, worry and anxiety. And this can affect those of us in recovery.

I created this special episode of Buzzkill Pod to tackle this topic specifically, and which is loaded with tips and techniques on how to shift your mindset through your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical hygiene.

What does that mean, exactly?

It’s about looking at things differently. Shifting perspective. Coming at this with clarity and centeredness. And this affects our sobriety as well, because sobriety is about coming at life with a new way of thinking and seeing things.

So when our perspective is warped by something like this COVID-19 pandemic, for those of us who are new or struggling, it can send us into a bit of a tailspin.

But the story need not be written that way!

Check out the podcast – it’s about 30 minutes, but has a ton of information that can help anyone, not just those in recovery, to shift their thinking and come to this interesting situation with groundedness and gratitude.

Click HERE to check out the episode.


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  1. Will check out the podcast, love your perspective on this! So sad as some of my friends have broken their sobriety, these are rough times. Stay safe x

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