Longing For The Spirit

Longing for the Spirit is my book and also the name of the latest podcast.

The book is a compilation of essays and stories, the majority of which had their genesis here on Message In A Bottle blog. They were updated, refreshed and given more space to breathe. At 380 pages, it’s a quick but deep dive into recovery through the lens of spirituality (or vice-versa!) with transparency, vulnerability, humour and insights. You need not be in recovery to benefit from this book.

The podcast is about mindset, storytelling and the spirit within us all. Through interviews and research, I share tips and techniques every episode so that you have something to use and integrate into your life right away.

You can check out the website HERE to find out how to get a copy of the book, and about the podcast. To jump directly to the podcast, go HERE.

Looking forward to having your read or listen!