My Story In So Many Words


My Story In So Many Words


Joy. Playing. Betrayal. Hurt. Wounded. Alone. Loneliness. Moving.Shuffling. Isolating. Hiding. Drinking. Escaping. Hurting. Lying. Cheating. Stealing. Envying. Projecting. Hurling. Yelling. Puking. Sulking. Sobbing. Shaming. Angry. Suffering. Shaking. Panicking. Medicating. Risking. Fingerprinting. Booking. Remorse. Praying. Hoping. Meeting. Believing. Faith. Helping. Crying. Holding. Meditating. Sponsoring. Working. Being. Amending. Sharing. Writing. Smiling. Teaching. Forgiving. Healing. Playing. Joy.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs D says:

    Aaaahhh, lovely xxx

  2. Thanks Graham – muchly appreciated. Nice to see you 🙂


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