Roll Call aka Giving It Up For My Fellow Peeps


Pay attention now, ya bunch of lushes!
Pay attention now, ya bunch of rummies -we got some shout outs!

I love blogging.   But what I love even more is reading other blogs.  I love hearing other people’s stories, hearing about their struggles (current and past) and reading about how they are overcoming them or how they dealt with them in the past.  No two stories are alike – circumstances vary, and we all have our bottoms – but the underlying truths and emotions are the same.  Some are starting to dig at causes and conditions now, others have already dug, renovated and moved on.  And many of us are in between.  It’s an amazing thing to bear witness to, and I get to do that every single day by sitting in front of my computer and just inhaling into my pores what everyone is putting out there.  I am indeed grateful and thrilled to be a part of this loving and supportive community.

I wanted to give a shout out to all the bloggers in my little blog roll thingy.  These are in no particular order, and this doesn’t include some of the other ones that I unofficially follow.  Lots of fantastic blogs, so little time.  Please click and enjoy what I enjoy about these special people and their stories.

The original blog.
The original blog.

Trudging Through the Fire – Postcards From the Cauldron

Ah Marius – my muse’s muse.  The brother I never knew I didn’t have.  His writing is beyond reproach and who’s style is utterly unique and gripping.  A gentleman, reformed horse thief and all-round do-gooder in a tattered cape.  An absolute pleasure to read and I will call on him first always in Life’s game of Dodgeball.

Thank you for your friendship.

Bye Bye Beer

I think this was one of the first sober blogs I read and was captivated by BBB’s writing and openness.  She inspired me to be more honest and open myself up more.  I think the first blog I ever commented on – and I was nervous in doing so!  My virginity taker!

Thank you for liberating my writing.

Catholic Alcoholic

Another one of the first blogs I followed. I am in awe of Regina’s passion – for sobriety and her faith.  It’s amazing how people respond to her and I always feel that I just “got gooder” by reading her work. I am always learning something.

Thank you for enriching my life.

Guitars and Life

The minstrel of the sobriety blogging world!  Graham strums away on life and music in a real funktastic way that always strikes a chord with me (sorry for the cheesiness there).  A pleasure to read and to sense his real love for music and recovery.

Thank you for the music.

My Recovery Diary

The lovely and impassioned Erika – what a shining light she is!  While she tackles food and not booze, her enthusiasm and love of life is infectious.  I can’t help going back to get those good vibes.

Thanks for pure joy.

drunk parties

Heather Kopp

Heather always has such insightful, lingering and deep posts that give me pause to think.  Her faith is as strong as her recovery, and it’s an inspiring thing to watch her readers really interact and get the message.  Wonderful stuff – and a book to (sober) boot coming out!

Thank you for leading by example.

Emotional Drinking

Fern’s blog has been a raw and honest look at her recovery so far.  Just having passed 90 days, it’s been a rewarding and yet sometimes painful journey, and I appreciate her candid posts and showing us the wounds that come with recovery.

Thank you for showing me your path.

12 The Hard Way

Fairly new-ish, but I love Paul’s writing style and his message.  A fellow AA, he opens himself up to his own humanness through allowing us to walk with him in his steps, with his self-deprecating dark humour.  Daily poster, so I know I will get something good every day.

Thank you for carrying the message.


I have loved watching this blog – such a shift in her writing, and there is a positivity that energizes me and shows me that recovery doesn’t have to be doom and gloom.  Her last post was wonderful – probably her best so far.  More to come.

Thank you for your charm.

Maintaining the Zen

Formerly known as “Oh for the love of…me”.  Sherry’s new blog picks up from her previous and continues to grow in her life and recovery on a different path.  Shows us that recovery blogs don’t always have to talk about booze to show us the way of living a new life.

Thank you for showing me dignity in life.


Sober Identity – Reprogramming an Addictive Mind

Ah Lisa – one of my heroes in recovery, online and offline.  Author, life coach and all round woman extraordinaire, I always look forward to her Sunday posts – there are of the most insightful and educational and yet personal that you can find anywhere.  A true inspiration for me and others.

Thank you for your generous spirit.

Memoirs of Gay Black Man

I am new to reading Coleman’s blog, which hasn’t been around long, but carries a punch in it’s raw honesty and lofty love.  I look forward in reading more about his journey as an addict in recovery.

Thank you for your shine.

The Sober Journalist

Another new-ish blog that I find irresistible in reading. I love K’s procession of posts, with her maturity and quiet strength exuding from them.  It’s great to hear from another secretive drinker and how that plays out in her recovery.

Thank you for your gentleness.


Recovery was never so irreverent and  funny, but with a strong streak of humanity and groovy pictures to boot.  With a story that makes mine look like weak bubble tea, the dude here prospers in showing how life is quirky, and yet profound.

Thank you for putting a smile on my face.


Recovering By Grace

It was with joy that I was able to connect to this blog.  Fearless is how I describe the writing and the outlook of this blog.   Inspiring in her openness and ability to share at a level that screams confidence and yet humility.

Thank you for your joie de vivre.

Mrs. D is Going Without

Oh the drama!  Did you hear?  Mrs. D’s retirement party from blogging didn’t go as planned.  After an outpouring of responses and some soul searching, Mrs. D is back with us, with her delightful, quirky and level-headed point of view in recovery.  Always a pleasure to read.

Thank you for staying with us and showing the way.


I haven’t been in the blogging game for long, but I haven’t seen as much change in someone in such short time as I have Amy.  Her posts have yielded a procession of unveiling layers of herself that leaves me breath taken and excited.  Calmer, stronger, more determined…it’s been fun to watch.

Thank you for showing me what growth looks like.

Today I Will Recover

Elanor’s blog always has something for me to chew on.  A very cool look with an ever cooler perspective on things recovery is attractive to me.  Her thoughts are insightful and bring to light many things that normally don’t have light shed on them.

Thank you for your integrity.

Being Sober and Other Unexpected Things

Another newbie blogger (I love newcomers – keeps things fresh for me and I learn just as much as I would from an old timer).  Her refreshing and mature outlook in very early recovery is what keeps me coming back.  I look forward to more.

Thank you for your energy.


Running on Sober

Christy’s corner of the world is an exuberant, energetic one.  I get jazzed up every time I pass through.  Her generous spirit and willingness to lay it all out is outstanding.

Thank you for adding majesty to life.

Sober Life

Renamed after the previous “New Sober Life” after hitting five years of sobriety, the author always hits the right notes with me.  Her slant and take on recovery, especially for someone of that time, is a learning experience for me all the time.

Thank you for holding open the door for me.

Dorothy Recovers

Feels like she’s talking right to you, one-on-one in a conversational and sometimes bemused manner.  Real life slices of what it’s like to recover through AA and the pleasures and pitfall of it.  Always an interesting read.

Thank you for letting us take a peek.

Rising Woman

A woman rising indeed! A true renaissance woman, and now add author to that.  She is living the life I imagined – a published writer and shining beacon of hope and rejuvenation.  A true blessing to know.  Her stories really paint a picture.  Please read them.

Thank you for showing me what grace in action looks like.

The Hurt Healer

Carolyn’s blog is resplendent in touching, endearing and thoughtful writing.  Her many, many readers are always in for a treat when she posts.  She showers the reader with wisdom borne of experience and coming through addiction with faith and conviction.

Thank you for your humanness.



Lucy has a blog that propels me to grow and improve the way I communicate with others.  She has a knack for getting what she needs to say said in a way that wins us over and deepens my understanding of alcoholism.  Superb writing.

Thank you for your dedication in showing us that it always gets better.

Al K Hall-ic Anonymous

Al’s posts aren’t long, but man they pack a wallop in content.  He conveys so much with so few words. Something I can learn from! He is a comrade in arms, and his respect and compassion for others is something to behold.

Thank you for your strength.

Miracle is Around the Corner

If there was an example of an awesome and strong AA, it’s J.  She truly does inspire me to be a better AA and human.  Her understanding of the steps and her devotion and dedication to the program, God and her family is a joy to watch.

Thank you for your service.

Mystery Girl Unknown

She may be a mystery girl, but there is no mystery in what she strives for – a happy, joyous and free life.  Her blog has really opened up and her growth has been fantastic to watch.  I am always excited to see where she is at next.  A pleasure to read.

Thank you for sharing your passion.

God Walked into this Bar

Kary May has slowly revealed herself to me in being a spirit-sister in recovery.  Her posts are powerful, even when subtly so.  She has a deep undercurrent to her writing, and it can also be fun at times.  A great read every time.

Thank you for your reaching out to others.

Life Corked

Chenoa’s site drips with sincerity, joy and a sense that life is something to be enjoyed to it’s fullest.  Her connection to her faith and her recovery is strong and it shows in her posts.  She encompasses what balance is in our lives.

Thank you for staying corked.


Tired of Thinking About Drinking

What can I say about Belle?  She is not AA, but she puts service first and foremost. With her ever expanding and popular 100 day challenge going strong, Belle is the epitome of selflessness in working with others.  Many women owe her such gratitude for what she has done and inspired.

Thank you for showing me how to help others.

One Too Many

Lilly’s fantastic blog shows to me that willingness and keeping a teachable mind goes such a long way.  The blog shows a gentle spirit and work, hurtling through an illness that likes to take no prisoners, and she does it with grace.

Thank you for keeping your head up at all times.

Drunky Drunk Girl

I am really enamoured with DDG’s blog because it oozes strength, truth, hurts and dignity.  She shows that struggling with recovery isn’t something to keep to one’s self.  Sharing, and helping others along the way is how we do it.

Thank you for your honesty.

Shaken Not Stirred Life

SAM has a gift for getting right to it, and her efficiency and seemingly effortless ability to communicate so much with such panache and tenderness is amazing.  She just gets is, and for that, I tip my hat to her.

Thank you for showing me how it’s done.

Realtime Recovery

While Kayko doesn’t post often, I am spellbound when he does. He speaks to the AA in me, through his spirit, his words and his wisdom.  I can almost hear his thoughtful and insightful words as if we were sitting across from each other in a cafe.

Thank you for showing me the program in action.

Mr. Sponsor Pants

The enigmatic and ever-popular Mr. SP –  always on people’s list…and for good reason.  His daily nuggets of wisdom and practical AA advice is filtered through the lens of humour and self-deprecation.  He is the standard for sober blogging.

Thank you for being my Yoda.

I want to apologize if I missed someone.  My hope is that I didn’t.  I also wanted to say to those whose blogs I follow unofficially, to those who have commented on my stuff here, to those who are kind and generous enough to follow me (100 as of today) and to those who have  touched my life in any way through their words and actions…

thank you

59 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Neumann says:

    Thanks for the great list. I, too, love the sober blogging community. I have felt it a lifeline to my continued sobriety. I see me in those who walk behind me and I pray to grow into the quality and character of those who journey before me.(I see I will need more hours in the day to read. You’ve introduced me to some new blogs. TY)

    1. I love what you said about those who walk behind and those who are before us. So very true. And yes, time is challenging when there are so many wonderful bloggers out there 🙂


  2. sherryd32148 says:

    Thank you for giving me a shout out and some very, very kind words…must be my day for them.

    And thank you for some new blogs to follow! Can’t wait to get them on my own blog roll.

    And finally, thank YOU for sharing your wonderful writing and journey with us. I love it when you post.


    1. Yes – you were nominated for an award! It was a day to bask in the wonderfulness that Sherry is 🙂 thank you for being you, my friend.


  3. Al K Hall says:

    Thanks for the props, brother! i’m flattered to be included on such an illustrious list and to read that you find some motivation in my posts when i find so much in yours.

    1. The list is illustrious with you on it, kind sir.


  4. Wow Paul, I can’t believe you took the time to do this, it just goes to show what a selfless person you are. I am honored to have made the list and thank you for introducing me to more of my sisters and brothers in arms.

    1. I had a lot of fun doing this, actually. Took longer than I thought, but it was worth it. I was actually having a bit of a self-pity day, and this turned it around for me. Glad you’re checking the other cats! I am sure that I am missing some other wonderful writing too. Interweb is a big place 🙂


  5. So amazing, Paul! Thank you for this–thoughtful and spot on! I’ll have to check out some of the few I’ve not read yet. And, yup, I like to keep it real. I’ll be keepin’ it real in my next post…;) Major hugs. -DDG (Don’t forget to include yourself on your list, or did you already?)

    1. Hey DDG – no, I am not on the list. I spent my whole life being selfish and self-seeking. I had my fill of it 🙂 So I try and think outside myself now and again 😉
      Glad you’re here!


  6. lifecorked says:

    Thanks, Paul! I truly enjoy you too! I look forward to checking some of these out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem – glad you are checking out the other blogs, and others check yours out too!


  7. Mrs D says:

    Wow indeed Paul… where do you find the time? You’ve so captured the essence of all the blogs I know.. perfectly. I’m not sure I could have summed them up so accurately as you have..your insight is great as is your ability to communicate brilliantly with few words. You really are amazing actually… I’m so glad you’re here! You are giving and warm and wise and lovely. Look forward to exploring the blogs here I don’t know already. And yes… what a drama queen I am… (sigh). Sending love from New Zealand xxxx

    1. Time! yes, that is a difficult thing, isn’t it. Never enough hours. Thank you for the kind words, Mrs. D…and I was only kidding about the drama queen thing, of course 🙂 If you wanted to see drama queen, you should have met me a few years ago…jeez! Sending love back from Canada! Let us all remember to speak the Queen’s English ha ha.


  8. waynemali says:

    Hi Paul
    Not sure what happened there my phone had a mad moment!
    Great list, a few on there I must check out, such a great community tI be part of, so glad I reached out a joined such a great group of people.

    1. Love technology, eh? Ha ha…no worries, Wayne.
      Glad you’re part of the community too, Wayne. 🙂


  9. Wow thanks for this. There are quite a few on here I hadn’t heard of. Will be checking them out x

    1. Happy to hear that you’re gonna check some of these cool cats out. And that they check your site too!


  10. destamae says:

    Wow- thank you so much for the shout out and the very kind words! I am very honored to have made this list among some amazing blogs!! Many of which I have not been introduced to yet, but now am very anxious to check out and add to my blogroll!! Thank YOU!

    1. thank YOU for the wonderful writing and sharing that you do. You make the community that much stronger and more fun to be around!


  11. thank you for your kindness and the genius that you share with us every day. couldn’t do this without you, of that i’m certain. hugs from me 🙂

    1. Oh lordy…genius..ha ha. Anything that sounds remotely clever or wise from mr is something that I probably stole from someone…lol. But thank you. And what you do, man, I love. People have started new blogs because of your 100 club (as I call it). Wonderful. Hugs back, my friend!


  12. Erika says:

    Paul!!!! I read this at the right time! Thanks for seeing light in my blog, even when I post very dark thoughts from time to time. I think, many times, I have to come up with cheerier stuff to post because people may be let dow by my negative posts. I can’t believe how many blogs you follow (and comment) so thoroughly. I think you are special. You provide insightful feedback and incredibly accurate comments that bring nothing but joy, aha moments and happiness to us fortunate to have you as a follower. Through your blog I have discovered many things about myself and through your feedback I feel an amazing connection. Thank you for having such a wonderful recovery!!! Don’t know how you were before (I can imagine through your stories) but I love this new Paul. I also love the community :). Love and light your way.

    1. Don’t change what you write, Erika. We don’t blog to be super puffy fluffy balls of joy – it would get tiring (at least it would for me). We identify more with each other in our pain than anything else. It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom either – it tires us out, mentally and emotionally. Again, that’s just for me. So don’t think everything has to be super positive at all times! We’ve all got addictions, for goodness sake – we’re gonna feel crappy at times. That’s part of the process…we’re not bright and shiny every moment. I would be worried if that is how I acted.

      Thank you for the very kind words – I am no more special than you are or anyone else. We’re here to help one another. and I am glad that I can be of service, and you certainly are of service to me and your followers 🙂


  13. Paul, seriously, you are the James Patterson of the blogging world… You are everywhere at once! I am in such awe… how the heck do you do it?!? I truly appreciate being part of this amazing crowd, and to be considered by someone as wise as yourself to be worth reading (You like me, you really like me! Now I am truly dating myself, I hope to God someone catches that reference.). There are some on this list I have not “met” yet, so I am excited to check out my comrades. You never fail to teach me something new each and every time I read your words, a million thanks for all the effort you give to this community.

    1. I had to look up James Patterson – had never heard of him. wow…he’s sold a few books,eh? I did get your reference…funny 🙂 Thank YOU for all that you do – starting and running a meeting, working with other women, doing service…that’s a lot more work that typing up a few things! You’re more in the trenches than I am, and that’s incredible.

      Glad you’re a part of my sober life.


    2. runningonsober says:

      Haha! I saw Paul sign as James P on your blog J, and I was like huh? 😀

  14. Sober Life says:

    Thank you for the shout-out Paul! And the kind words :). I read one of your replies and I am sorry that you were having “a bit of a self-pity day,” – BUT, what a great way to turn it around and bring such a positivity to the community. I also love your wonderful descriptions of each blog and your ability to pick out each author’s strengths. This is such a gift! Thank you again!

    1. Thanks Sober Life. That’s very kind of you. Yeah, been alternating between “meh” moments and moments of trying to feel true gratitude. So it’s a bit of a roller coaster right now. Obviously trying to stay out of the “meh”! But doing this list really helped me. Made me feel better, and I am glad that people are connecting with each other more. That is one thing I didn’t think about, to be honest. So if others find other blogs and support each other there (which I have seen already) then I am doubly blessed. And I am blessed that you’re here too.

      Love and Light,

  15. As a newcomer to this gig, that’s a great “go to” list for inspiration. Some I follow (I absolutely adore SoberBoots) and some I will definitely be checking out in the near future. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff and though I don’t write solely about recovery, hopefully enough of my experience, strength and hope seeps through that I can touch people the way so many of these fine writers have. If you don’t mind terribly, I’d like to plug my 30-day series on Alcohol Awareness, found at It’s what got me started on this journey and is a pretty good introduction to my idea of what recovery is all about.

    Thanks for being an “unofficial follower” and I look forward to getting to know y’all better in the near future.

    1. No worries, plug away. I have enjoyed your posts, and I like the new look you put there. Yup, there are some wonderful bloggers here (yourself included) and I am looking forward to finding more out there – I know I am missing some fantastic stuff! But I need not worry, as I have my plate full here. Thanks for being part of this wonderful community!


  16. runningonsober says:

    Paul, this was genuinely beautiful and touching. It reminded me of that story about the teacher who had her students write one nice thing about each other, then she compiled them all into a list for each student along with a personal letter. Years later at her funeral, each student still had their original letters folded up in wallets and saved in purses. They had saved them to read when they were feeling sad and blue.

    You made a lot of people feel special here, Paul. I cannot thank you enough.

    I plan to reblog this on Monday. 🙂
    Happy May my friend,

    1. Thanks Christy! I love the teacher story there…now THAT’S touching and beautiful! I think everyone here don’t need me to do anything but share what they already have which is special. But thank you for that and for the reblog on Monday. I am honoured to make it to your corner of the world:)

      Happy May and Happy May weekend – looking forward to your words for the weekend.


  17. Amy says:

    Paul! Thank you! For your nice words, and for taking the time to put this together. 🙂

    CHEERS!!!!! Loud and clears!!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy – glad you’re here!


  18. runningonsober says:

    Reblogged this on Running On Sober and commented:
    The sober blogging community is a wonderfully kooky and unique group of folks. I am two years sober today, and you all–sober blogger or not–have helped me get there. Thank you all, and thank you Paul for this detailed and touching homage to your fellow sober bloggers and for making so many people feel special. *You* are pretty dang special, Paul.

    1. Thanks Christy for this – you honour me with this…but more importantly, Happy Birthday!!! Two years…what a groovy feeling it is, isn’t it??? You’re pretty special too – thanks for all the uplifting words and videos you treat us to every weekend.


  19. byebyebeer says:

    Not sure how I missed this one (??) but feel honored that that I took your virginity on comments! Yours are among my favorite because, just like your posts, you speak from the heart and you have a really big one. You also speak from wisdom and experience, and just so grateful to know you here. Congratulations on your recent two year sober anniversary too. Finally, thanks for this great list…you did a a wonderful synopsis. You’re the best!

    1. Ha ha…yeah, we always remember the one who stole our V. Thanks for the well wishes and the kind words. I am just glad you’re in my recovery life, and thank you for sharing so much of yourself on your blog 🙂


  20. Thank you, Paul. What kind words! “Bemused manner” – yep, that pretty much describes my approach to myself, my recovery, my life, my cat, my dog, the condition of my house, the backyard, The Kids, the annoying cold sore on my upper lip. I’m grateful you are one of the truly awesome recovery people who are part of my bemused journey.

    1. The annoying cold sore…ha ha. I hate the spring / summer cold sores. I am so happy you dropped by – I am always looking forward to witnessing your journey in only your (bemused) unique way.


  21. whinelessinwashington says:

    Oh my gosh- I dont know how on earth I missed this! You are amazing- showing me wisdom with all your thoughtful comments and such incredible service through your support. And now i have so many more bligs to look at!!! Paul, you are amazing. I am so grateful for you!!!

    1. Yes! I love that everyone is discovering each other through this…I just assumed everyone knew each other out there 🙂 So glad to be of service…and thank YOU for your wonderful and honest posts 🙂


  22. I consider myself very honored to be included in your roll call. Wow. Who would have thought being an alcoholic would give me so much cache? Well, I’ll take it. I was running low of cache this month, so it comes just in time. Once more, congrats on your second year, and a big thank you for all the encouragement you’ve lavished upon this recovering wretch. Mucho love-o, Marius

    1. Ha have tons of cache, dear friend. Mojo on the side too with a chaser of fandango.

      Glad you’re here


  23. Thanks so much for the shout out. It came at a time when things were NOT going so well, but I am happy to report that I’m back on track and still searching for the true meaning of life 🙂 It is amazing all that you do for others and I truly thank you for all of the support and information about AA as well. Congrats on your milestone – from reading what you write, I would have thought it was 20 instead of 2! I want to thank you for all of the new blogs you have introduced me to – a bit on the scared side because how will I ever make the time to read them all – but excited 🙂 Take care and again, a heartfelt thanks! MG

    1. Glad to hear you’re back on the rails 🙂

      Thanks for the congrats – I wish I had 20 years…would have saved everyone in my life a lot of heartache! Don’t worry about reading them all (I do and it takes a lot of time!) – just find the ones that speak to you most where you’re at.


  24. SAM says:

    I just saw this, Paul.

    I am honored and humbled to be on this list.Thank you for this labor of love in connecting us all together and helping us find other writers.

    Your writing is so valued by me. I love it. You are always spot on, insightful and your delivery is done with such humor and grace.

    Whenever I can get online to read, I go through your archives. I tend to always land upon the very entry I need in the moment. Fine was today’s nugget of truth and inspiration.

    Have a wonderful week ahead and much thanks!

    – Shell

  25. losedabooze says:

    Thanks for sharing the other blogs you follow and describing what each one has that is unique and special … I’ve picked up a few more to follow. I’m only on my 2nd week in this community and already so inspired by all I’ve read and the incredible talent that exists among the bloggers, sharing their own unique gifts!

  26. Lilly says:

    OH! I don’t know how I missed this before. I think I’m following so many people now sometimes I miss new posts, which is a shame. But thank you 🙂 And especially for new blogs to check out! xx

  27. sohila zadran says:

    Whats up this is kinda of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Sohila – I will be honest, I don’t code or anything. I, like many others, just signed up for a free sort of WYSIWYG blog either through blogger or wordpress (which is what this one is). With wordpress, there are many, many “themes” you can pick (some free, some charged) and then customize it according to the theme. Some are more geared towards photography, or music, etc. Some are plain, some are more high tech. Regardless, there are some pretty nice looking blogs out there using Blogger or WordPress.

      you can email me at if you want more information on what I have done. I am still newish to this, but if a simpleton like me can figure it out, pretty much anyone can 🙂

      I look forward to your blog 🙂


  28. good2begone says:

    Wow! Thank you for the inclusion on your list! Sorry I found out a few months later thanks to Christies re blog. I am humbled…once again. Keep up the great writing and sober blogging!

    1. ha ha…no worries, brother. Your stuff rocks, and I am always checking your work out…a renaissance man at the best. A quadruple threat…keep it up – you’re an inspiration to me.


  29. Nancy says:

    Too. Many. To. Read. 🙂 Thanks for the list though! I do not have a sober blog but now have a sober life and plan to write a bit about it. This is all very inspiring and makes me feel a little emotional.

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