My Day in Court


I sit in a coffee shop awaiting my lawyer’s phone call to tell me what is happening.  I am across the street from the court houses.  The court room I am scheduled to be in also has people with charges of breaking and entering, firearms possession, theft over $5000, fraud, sexual assault, etc.  So it puts what I did in perspective to the danger and severity of it all.  It also puts me in the place of realizing that I am here (and others including my son) by the Grace of God.  That I am here to do His work.

I know that I cannot control the outcome of this, so I understand that I will be getting what I need, not necessarily what I want.  It’s not always that the two collide and conjoin, but I can only pray and hope that I get acquitted.  Regardless of the outcome, I still need to be on my spiritual journey.  And if more pain (my punishment) is what God sees for me to grown, then that is what I am meant to have.  And grow I will.

Self pity is not a healthy thing, and I can see myself getting into that spot.  But I have faith that I would move away from that even if I am convicted.  Like anger, it’s a luxurious emotion I can’t afford.  So I will turn to others to help as I go through this.  I have heard stories in the last two days that make mine seem not as bad.  Yesterday I worked with my sponsee, went to a meeting, and helped some others online.  It’s like my Higher Power sent all that to help me have the strength to go through this.

And so it goes.  It’s 10:00am exactly.  My trial has started.

Let’s see where God puts me.


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