My Comfort Zone

I finally understand what it is my sponsor has been telling me about working with others and the benefits we get from it.

I was speaking to a young man who was about to go into a treatment centre for alcohol, and he made it known that he was not comfortable not having a computer, phone or gym available to him while he was in treatment.  In fact, he was quite upset that he wouldn’t have these simple amenities while trying to understand and work towards sobriety.

As I explained, those distractions were just that – they would not let him focus on what he needed to focus on to get well, and if he were to continue drinking the way he was, he would eventually lose all those things that he feels are necessary.  I know that I lost all the things I used to enjoy – especially writing.  I lost all creative outlets, and that furthered my isolation.

But it wasn’t until I got off the phone with him, and started to sort of replay what we discussed, that I realized something.  Here I was talking about comfort zones and how beneficial to his recover to push past what was known to him, and I was very much in the same spot he was.  I was stuck in a comfort zone, and I hadn’t been pushing my boundaries lately.   I was in a funk.

I realized that to continue in my recovery, I had to keep expanding, staying open minded, doing things that made me a bit uncomfortable or nervous.  Especially when dealing with other people.  I was doing the whole going up the newcomer thing, and handing out my number, etc. for a while there, but stopped.  I got complacent.  And that no doubt started my isolating and feeling disconnected with the fellowship.

I wanted to call the young man back and thank him for what he had done for me!  I wanted to tell him of my gratitude. But I felt it best to wait.

He had enough on his mind.

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